Tian Xin Wanton Noodle

Tian Xin Wanton Noodle
5 Coleman Street, SIDEWALK Eating House
Next to Funan Digital Mall
Oppsite the fire station.

Today 6 mummies ventured out to town. Trying out a noodle stall that was highly raved by our friends.
Thinking back, this noodle stall does brought back memory. Back in 2008, i had tried this noodle before collectiong Taddy Sim & Mine wedding cert @ ROM. U know that was HOW HOW HOW many donkeies years ago?
And its still around, of coz with a better renovation done.

The place was already quite packed with working personels @ that area. But we were lucky to get a spaced to accomandate 6 mummies, 2 babies & 1 toddler.

This is our TARGET for the day.


U see the Q? @ 1130am, there was already a Q forming.. AND the Q never seem to end when we leave ard 1+.. there were still many people q-ing up since its lunch time.
i cannot remembered the whole menu BUT there are 14 varieties to chose from.. dun forget the different type of noodles available too…

wanton mee
dumplings noodles
bak chor mee
ipoh horfan
lor mee
fishball noodles
wonton soup
Chicken macaroni?
chicken/century egg congee
Deep fried dumplings
Deep fried wontons

OMG what should we eat? We wanna to try out everythings… it just seem so tempting.. so a decision made.. we ordered and share the love for foods…. Great idea right…


The Laksa
Recommeneded – can give it a try if you are craving for laksa BUT do be early.
Tou Pok, Hum, Fishcake, fishball, shredded chicken.. a gernous portion of gravy & noodle.. The gravy itself wasn’t too thick or spicy .. so we recommend if you prefer spicy one.. do request for EXTRA chilli for the kick.


The Lor Mee
Braised Pork Belly, Deep Fried Wonton, fishcake ( i tink so), Beansprouts, the noodle.. Honestly its quite decent taste. Not the very authentic lor mee but decently enough to finish it up.


The wontons
WARNING!!!!! u can never stop with 1 OR 2.. i cannot remembered how many pieces i popped into my mouth… u just can’t stop munching it… its crunchy yet the filling is so generous in it.. not like some seller just put tat miserable bits of meat paste in it.. and all u get is the wonton skin.
Must try if u like FAT wontons.


The Char siew wonton Kway tiao soup
Not too bad. Kway tiao smooth enough. The soup based doesn’t made one too thirsty after drinking it. The wonton in soup version is nice too BUT i prefer the deep fried wonton :p


HIGHLY recommended by ALL of us!
Shredded chicken, braised mushroom, veg, deep fried wonton… the sauce prepared just made it so tempting.. especially with the chilli in it.. yummmmmmmmyyyy la…


Special order – Mee Tai Mak with fishball
You must be wondered what the ding dong is this? Its a special order for my lil toddler. Mee Tai Mak soup. U want to know how good is it? My lil one finished everything without begging her to OPEN her mouth.. even the fishball she finished it.. she love the way its being prepared. 老板 和 老板娘 很有心。 Cut the fishball into small pieces for me which alots of vendors just dun bother to offered.


Bak Chor Mee
Braised Mushroom, Bak Chor, Fishcake, Pork lard, beansprout ( i tink so)
Generous portion which i tink i won’t be able to finish up a bowl myself.. just filling my tummy with the ingredients given is filling enough… No joke abt the serving.. Ok am a small eater everythings is alots to me… lolz…





A table full of foods. A group of women with kids.. laughing and joking over lunch with small talks. Enjoying the good foods. What else can one ask for in life? Its not just about dinning where. Its the company that made foods tasted better.
If you asking me, worth q-ing up for the foods anot? I would said YES!
first of all, the price is very reasonable for places like in a town area..
Secondly, the portion is big enough even for a guy during lunch.
thirdly, 老板娘很好,很友善。 可能,老板-那个比较年轻的。。面色有点 黑
还是 自得尝一尝。


High Tea – 高茶 coffee club Funan ctr

After lunch, we decided to find a place to continue our yak yak session since its a rare occasion we all head down town without having to rush off. So we popped by next mall – funan centre.
U must be tinking.. WOW very shiok hor… taitai life style

Hello where got taitai have to bring BIG small BAGS on their own.. taking care of the lil one….
anyway… catching up with a group of friends of the same mind is the most enjoyable things in the aftternoon with some tea/coffee and cakes…

The high tea set starts from 2-5pm $9.90++
a slice of cake + coffee/tea

Our choice:
Black forrest – yummy.. the mousse wasn’t very overpowering.. can have bits of cherries in bewteen.
strawberry field – my lil one had half slices herself.. the strawberry was really sweet.



Coffee & tea served with a piece of cookies.
I do like the cookies. Just nice to go along with my tea. I was very scared of very buttery cookies but NO… this piece of cookies was just right.



I must said WOW WOW WOW
it really gave me the WOW! effect when we all tried it.
The pie/tart goes well with the cake with banana in between it. With a layer of crust and tat scope of vanilla ice cream…
worth trying with the calories stuffed inside….


Chicken cesear salad
Tasted not too bad.

Lantern Festival








From pastry garden
walnut mooncake, lotus paste with yolk
my take: not too oily. Sweetness still acceptable.
Flaky Yam
Very flaky on the collection day. But somehow the yam paste itself lack of some yam taste/flavour.





Purchase the 4 in 1 snowskin from PJ.
One of the win win suituation of able to try out different flavour.

Mee/Bee Hoon Ayam soto



I must specially thanks to my frd, A for sharing how to make this chilli paste for the mee soto. Its like eating chicken rice without the chilli is lacking of something IF u understand what i mean…
Garlic, padi chilli, abit of ginger, dark soya sauce is all i used.










As usual, i cant decided if i want MEE or BEE Hoon so i prepared both.
Bee Hoon/Mee Ayam soto using premix. Satisfied. No need to see that black black uncle face whenever i requested to seperate the soup & the noodle when tabao home.