High Tea – 高茶 coffee club Funan ctr

After lunch, we decided to find a place to continue our yak yak session since its a rare occasion we all head down town without having to rush off. So we popped by next mall – funan centre.
U must be tinking.. WOW very shiok hor… taitai life style

Hello where got taitai have to bring BIG small BAGS on their own.. taking care of the lil one….
anyway… catching up with a group of friends of the same mind is the most enjoyable things in the aftternoon with some tea/coffee and cakes…

The high tea set starts from 2-5pm $9.90++
a slice of cake + coffee/tea

Our choice:
Black forrest – yummy.. the mousse wasn’t very overpowering.. can have bits of cherries in bewteen.
strawberry field – my lil one had half slices herself.. the strawberry was really sweet.



Coffee & tea served with a piece of cookies.
I do like the cookies. Just nice to go along with my tea. I was very scared of very buttery cookies but NO… this piece of cookies was just right.



I must said WOW WOW WOW
it really gave me the WOW! effect when we all tried it.
The pie/tart goes well with the cake with banana in between it. With a layer of crust and tat scope of vanilla ice cream…
worth trying with the calories stuffed inside….


Chicken cesear salad
Tasted not too bad.


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