Hokkien Mee Revisit

All time fav. in our house. Usually i forgo the seafoods
This time i added in prawns for my gal who like prawns.






250g Yellow Noodle
125g Mee Hoon ( can use the thicker ones if u like)
10 prawns
1-2 fishcake
$3 worth of roasted pork ( some people prefer to use pork belly)
Some spring onions ( u can always use chives)
Chicken stock
3 Eggs
Some Chopped garlic

Note: I didn’t use any extra seasoning cause the chicken stock had flavour + the ingredients i used are good enough for our taste. BUT if u are not using any stock.. can always season it with fish soya + oyster sauce.


1. Blanch prawns The prawns in the chicken stock. Leave it aside to cool.
2. Into a hot wok, add 1 tblsp of oil, fry the garlic until fragrant. Add in egg and scramble. Add in fishcake & roasted pork to stir fried till fragrant.
3. Add in yellow noodle and mee hoon. Fry for a few minutes until noodles just begin to sear. (Use high heat)
4. Add stock enough to cover the noodles. Simmer until stock is almost dry.Depending on how moist you prefer. Adjust according to your liking.
5. Lastly add in prawns and spring onions(note: i din stir fried the prawns, only top up when serving) , fry for 1 min and plate. Serve with sambal chilli and lime.

Here’s the end product.






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