Cheesy Baked Rice







It had been a SUPER long time since i ever did baked rice.. i tink the last time i did it was in 2012 for my lil missy… tat is how LONG ago it was..
Feeling the weekend bluez coming.. dun feel like cooking but i had leftover chicken rice from ytd dinner.. so a decision to do a one dish meal is made..
I asked Minster.. fried OR baked?
He said baked beta for lil missy so.. here we goes..

If u noticed, i used a flavoured rice so i didn’t add in extra seasoning for taste. The soup, u can chose ur comfort brand. This is always my all time No. 1 choice coz i dun have to add in extra water to dilute it and the salty level is my type of soup.

If u are using plain rice, u might want to consider this recipe that i did before that was posted in my old blog which i did using plain rice ..





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