First day of school 2011


First day of pre nursery class starts on 02.01.14
A day that I actually looked forwards to. It be a new experience for our missy. Doesn’t want to cause her much changes, We decided on a short hour programme for her to start her lil journey…
Though it’s more tiring on me to send and fetch at tis period of time, but I doesn’t want to keep her away from what She should be going thru.

This is something new to a mother..
The worries, the excitement flows all in…
Being an ex early childhood educator made me more relax?
My answer is no….
Of Cox, some dramas is kind of expected but I know my like missy will survive n love school.

Day 1 – 3
Is only an introduction programme.. where kids goes in for 45min instead of the usual 1hr45min.
They spilt the class into 2 group so that the teacher can get to know the kids better these 3 days.
I followed in during the first day for 20min and leave her to the teachers after She settled down. MAYBE She is busy exploring the different area in the class room so had no time to look for me.

Day 2
We wasn’t allowed in the classroom…  so I waited nearby…
Hearing shouts,  cries n banging of the door was Horrible…
Not able to see wat is going on inside…
I prayed hard it’s not our lil missy… and She won’t be tiggered to join in Cox She got freaked out…
School finally end..
And I am so glad She enjoyed the class..
Glad to hear that She wasn’t the one crying n screaming away..
Teacher feedback She is cute..
She consoled those crying kids not to cry… * beam with joy *

THE REAL challenge will comes in on Tuesday
Where full class of kids + full session..
I prayed hard for God’s power and strenght..
To let our missy enjoy school without any fears….
To let our lil missy enjoy what is sharing in a group…
I have trust in both of you…


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