Lunch at ah yat seafood – bird Park branch

We were deciding where to have lunch since dad isn’t working
Since they are fetching us so I booked the seats at ah yat last min. Last night

Total spent $155++ for 6 adults 1 toddlers plus the teas,peanuts,wet tissue n a lemon tea.
With a 40% off for dim sum.

These are what We had…


scallop Congee x1
century egg Congee x1
Yee fu mee x1
deep fried fish skin x1
Steamed pork ribs x1
char siew baos x1
liu sha baos x1
steamed chicken feet x2
roasted chicken x1
siew Mai x2


Har gao x1
egg tarts x2
carrot cake x1
beancurd rolls x1
long xu seafood rolls x1
Scallop siew Mai x1

overall the foods were OK.
Lil missy ate quite a bit of everuthings I given her ESP the noodles.
They missed out Our xo carrot cake… sob sob.. lol
Well let’s c if We have a chance to revisit another occasion.


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