Weekend dinner

Dinner for 4 adults & a toddler. THE soup was a big hit among the elderly n my toddler.
Dad’s fav hakka Yong tou Foo.
Lil one fav fish paste..
N of Cox green is a must have.


I seldom cook on weekend ESP Sunday
My Mum seldom cook nowadays
So Today We decided to eat homecooked foods cooked by me rather den to tabao or eat out..


ingredients I used:

pork ribs
Chinese yam
Red dates
Dry fig
Abit of salt for seasoning.


Does it looked like scallop on top of the doufu?
it’s fish paste.. alternatively can replaced with meat like minced pork or chicken or minced prawns.
How to make it stocked onto the doufu?
simply by applying some corn flour on the flour, it will stocked onto it.



This is a common dish in a Hakka Family. I ate it since am young..
It’s just basic ingredients of pork, fish paste
I added in carrot n spring onion for more bites n taste.
Add in an egg to mix. It makes a different to the taste.



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