Weekend – sat dinner





我很喜欢吃 这倒菜
可能是 从小吃到大
有一种 家常菜的感觉。
可是 在外面 很难 吃到
吃了还想在吃的。。。 是我嘴刁 啦
我不喜欢 吃肥肥的肉
用了shoulder meat 有点油 但 不肥。。
用了 我的 HCP 屯了60min
*^▁^* 来碗白饭吧。。。。

What I used

Mei cai – sweet n salty ones
Have it cleaned n soaked…
Shoulder meat – marinated with dark soya sauce
Lots of garlic with skin

Pan fry the garlic n meat
Add in meat n fry till fragrant..
Add in Mei cai n enough water to cover up the  stew..
I stew for 60min.. slowly add in water to prevent it from drying up.



Cauliflower stew

( cauliflower, carrot, fishcake, roasted pork, fresh mushroom)

slighly stir fry everything n Stew it all in my HCP for 15min den add in roasted pork n stew another 10min then thicken with corn starch.

Hong Kong style steam fish
One of my fav way of having steamed fish.. I always looked forwards to having such style in rest during wedding when am younger… Cox this is something my Mum can’t mastered at home..



what I did was

Steam the fish den pour off the water that came out during steaming time.
Pour in some good grade light soya sauce..
Top with some spring onion n Ginger..
Heat up oil n drizzle over the spring onion onto the fish…


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