Gula melaka huat kueh 2

Prefecting my huat kueh
Wat do u tink….
I tink I am
Very happy with today’s result..

THE different between this n the one I posted few days ago gula melaka huat kueh – reduced flour
Is I used the full amount of flour..
As you can see, the outlook is looker but texture is harder too..
Not as moist as the reduced flour ones.

Adapted from: mimi bakery house
Steamed Huat Kueh

250g 黑糖 palm sugar *I used 200g*
400g 自发面粉 self raising flour
300ml 椰浆奶 coconut milk
100ml 水 water


1。将黑糖和面粉过筛混合 Sift the palm sugar and flour together。

2。把椰浆和水倒入混合。Mix coconut milk and water together。

3。把第2步骤加入第1步骤混合均匀。Pour coconut mixture into the flour mixture,mix until well combined。

4。把面糊倒入纸杯 80%满,切个"X"在面糊上,蒸15-20分钟。Pour batter into cupcake case, cut a “X” on the batter and steam for 15-20 mins。

**** I didn’t add in any x marks on the batter.

For better fragrant, I think we can boiled the coconut milk, water n palm sugar over low heat to enhance the taste.






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