Huat kueh Q&A

Why why why Tis n that…
I have people asking me why their huat Kueh dun HUAT

Seriously n honestly… I like to say


How would I know!!!!!!!!  I can’t see what u did or how u did it.. how am I going to answer ur WHY!

I dun success at first attempt or Should I said .. not all the time..
I have my failure moment too..

U might tink I sound crocky or rude but pls be fair to me too..
I provided a recipe n steps n if it failed u
Is it my fault???  Coming after me asking me “Why”  or “questioning me am I sure it works?’

What I can said is..
It might be the either…

– Water not at a BOILING point when you put ur huat Kueh in..

– u din cover ur wok cover properly..  pls do not peep in!

– ur cover have this tiny hole to let steam come out??? 

You will only End up with a dome shape or spit open surface.

– not enough water to create the steam..

– do not use an elect steamer if u wan HUAT kueh

Pls pls pls have enough water to last throughout the steaming time.

do share with me if u Have sucessed making HUAT Kueh with my posted recipe.



Mini huat Kueh

Make 12 Mini

100g self raising flour 自发面粉
50g palm sugar 椰糖
100ml diluted coconut milk  椰奶水

Mixed all together n steam for 15-20min under High flame.

将材料搅拌均匀,倒入模型,锅里的水一定要滚大火蒸15-20分钟 或至熟








From Patricia
Super great looking huat kueh

Black sugar huat Kueh




Make 发糕for tml, 初一 praying session for blessing.

Make 6 standard muffin size.

200g self raising flour 自发面粉
125G black sugar 黑糖
200ml water 清水

Mixed all together n steam for 25min under High flame.

将材料搅拌均匀,倒入模型9分满,锅里的水一定要滚大火蒸25分钟 或至熟

I do not post fake recipe for those who are wondering whether ur End product will huat anot.

Personally I understood how disappointing it is when it’s the same recipe but why others can do it but I can’t.

My experience is..
Make sure u used the right flour
Make sure ur water is at a boiling point when u steaming it.
Steam it at high flame.
Do not attempt to peep or open the cover at all. Making sure it’s fully covered rite.


it’s still soft on the next day
Can be eaten without heating up.

Very Happy to see this when I was surfing fb. Mummy clarinda posted this on the group page.