Chocolate cake


I manage to have Baking therapy today when my parent came for a visit… left the kids to entertain them.

Shared by vanessa chui, this Yummy recipe that used only eggs n chocolate.

It’s flourless,  no oil n no sugar… it be a PR in my will do list now.
Yes u r rite! No sugar
The sweetness will comes from the chocolate u r using.

This is my first time making it so I Dunno how to answer u If texture will be different the next day…




3粒鸡蛋 3eggs
160g巧克力 160g Baking chocolates

1) 蛋白和蛋黄分开
Separate egg white n yolk.

melt the chocolate using Double boiled method. When it’s cooler, mix in the egg yolks.

3)打发蛋白 (打到拿起可以看到弯勾就可以了)
Whisk the egg white till fluffy.

烤箱:160′ 15分钟,140‘ 20分钟至熟。
Mix in the chocolate batter into the egg white. Give it a good mix to combine both together.

Bake at 160 degree for 15min then 140min for 20min till cooked.

Shared by vanessa chui @妈妈分享私房菜
English recipe, translate by me.

I used 3 50g eggs after removing from shell.

Baked in a 6″ Baking tray. As my cake are not thick layer, I baked it 160degee for 15min 140degee for 12min.

Pls adjust Baking time according to the thickness of your cake.

I leave it in room temp in air container . Still very soft n moist.


Requested by my little gal, the way she want it serve… with her fav ice cream.


4 thoughts on “Chocolate cake

  1. Tried your recipe.. cake ‘ s texture was too soft and it was sticky on the paper. Not as solid as yours. Can hardly hold it up. Mission failed.

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