FAMOUS bak Gu Teh in marsiling


Was always asked if I had try the famous bak gu teh which was 2 bus stop away from my growing up area…  ermmmm honestly I din had a chance… Cox by the year they started biz….  Aunty me already moved out from where am staying now…  Lol

Though I goes back often
But but but… it doesn’t have an attracting factor to make me stop by…

But my parent were regular there…

Last week, I causally mentioned asking my dad if it’s nice…
He went… u wan try.. next time buy for u lo…
Lol I had it tis week…

Soup is herbal based. Tasted very rich. But abit salty to me.
With tou pok n sliced button mushrooms in it. And sheng cai.

The ribs,  sort of disappointing.. I was expecting the melting in the mouth texture or softer
texture but it was kinda of hard to me.

Ermmm dad  bought the braised trotter too but I forgotten to take the pic… mmmm I would said.. meat can b softer la…



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