Bone Broth / Super Collagen Soup – (骨胶汤 / 胶原蛋白汤)

Seeing J did this broth n it interests me… so she refer me to take a look at this recipe

I never know it’s so Easy but take times to do at home.
I saw some places served this called 美人汤 beauty soup coz of it’s collagen founded in it n u know.. it’s not cheap!!!

Since I have to prepare new broth to frozen.. I decided to give this a try for the benefit of my little one as well as myself la. Lol no money to take botok so see if this can helps abit for this 黄脸婆 here.

from annelicious food

Instruction n method from annelicious


    2 Huge Pork Bones 大猪骨
    2 Chicken Carcass 鸡骨/鸡壳
    20pcs Chicken Feet 鸡脚 – I din add
    200g Ground Nut / Raw Peanut, 花生 (Optional)
    4.5L Water
    Salt to taste (Optional)- I din add


    Pre-soak the peanuts overnight (or at least 5 hours) before use. Remove the skin from soaked peanut by rubbing it hard with each other. The reason is because I would prefer my soup to have a clearer broth. Peanut skins gives your soup darker color. Rinse the peanuts until water runs clear.
  Rinse pork bones, chicken carcass, chicken feet, parboil them for 3 to 5mins. Rinse again.
In a big soup pot, add in everything except salt. Bring to a boil for 10mins. Then reduce heat and simmer the soup over low heat for 4 hours.
  After simmering the bones for several hours, remove all the bones and strain the broth. I wanted clear broth. So, I strained the broth 2nd time through a very fine hair sieve. You should get about 2L broth after strained. If you are drinking it fresh, lightly salt it. If you are keeping it as a stock for future use, it salt it only when you reheat it for consumption.

Start from 11am


I overrun by 1hr coz of cranky kid… so by the time is done.. really very thick..
done at 4pm – 5hrs of brewing


After scoping out.. only left this amt

I portion out into 2 bowl so that it will cool down faster

Lol I have to quote what my frd said to me when he saw it…
This one Later lip will get stucked together … And
True enough… I tried some leftover in the pot… my lip really glued together… thick collagen..

3hrs Later after chilling it in the chiller
See the thick layer of fats… can scope aways.
But I prefer to keep a thin layer of it…

The hidden goodies under the fats

Going to save these up…
Noodle, congee… anything u like to serve it in or just heat up And drink it..


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