Baby weaning food: Pumpkin puree


Today I decided to start the journey that I freaked out during my #1 time…
So I tried my luck on my #1 since he show signs of ready to nom nom.. 

For introducing new items, remember to serve it 3 days in a row before introducing the next item.

For myself, 
I prefer to feed him after his nap. BEFORE his next milk feed before bath time.
Let him test taste it den feed him milk 15-20min after the puree if he can wait.

Prepared tissue paper, wet wipe n lots of patience…
Starting Won’t be easy…

Keyword:  patience!

Be prepared to get into a mess..
Baby might be spitting all over.. 
Keyword:  dun get angry if that happened..

Continue to slowly try giving… if baby really show signs of crankiness…  stop the feeding. Incase they get choke.

Today trial seem OK..
I only gave him 1tsp to taste n of Coz, all that I mentioned…
He did it…



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