Chicken Herbal stew



A rough guide to how I did it..


Yu zu
Huai shan
Red dates
Bei qi
Dang shen

Wash these herbs And boil it for 20min for the flavour to come out. Leave it aside.

Chicken essence – optional (put Last when about to serve )

* you can chose any chicken parts that you prefer, I used kumpong chicken

Marinate chicken with dark sofa sauce, light soya sauce, pepper, hua diao jiu,  a pinch of salt for @least 20min.

Slightly stir fry the marinated chicken,  add into the herbs that you cooked together with the water.  Top up till the chicken are covered,  leave it to simmer for 20-25min.

Add in wolfberries, turn to medium heat n pour in the chicken essence. Bring to a boil.

Cover the lid n leave it aside till serving time.




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