Cheesy muffins

Hokkiado milk + Cheddar cheese + cheese cube = fattening Cheesy muffins.
Baked to crispy on the top And fluffy inside.
Get Fat also must eat it.

Minster Sim bought me some hokkaido milk sitting there waving at me for sometimes..
Lil missy sim requested for muffins
So I tot..  Why not… 
So here comes this ultra sinful muffins that is going to kill the waistline.

Before I get a chance to post this.. missy alrdy had one as her teabreak…  well it’s either u like it or you hate it.



100ml melted butter
2 chicken eggs
60ml Hokkaido milk
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
150g self raising flour
100g sugar – I used 60g
80g shredded Cheddar cheese
(Kept some aside as topping.)
6 cheese cubes – I used laughing cow brand.


1) Preheat oven @190C.

2)Slightly mixed all the wet ingredients together.

3)Fold in the flour.

4) Divide equally between the paper cases and add in cheese cube in the middle den top up with balance batter.

5) i Baked at 190degee for  15min till top is golden brown den lower to 170
Bake until the testing stick comes out clean, about 10-15min

timing Depending on your batter amount so adjust according.
My oven temp might not be the same as how yours work. So if you don’t have an oven thermometer, pls take note of your oven temp.
Etc, set to 190 degee but the oven might be on the higher heat & range or lower heat range.

Hokkaido milk ..
If u r in sg,
I bought fr isetan
If u can’t get it, can always replace with other milk.





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