Yam paste

My anyhow made yam paste for dessert tml
Less oil to cook it. Less sugar inside. Using brown sugar for taste instead of the white cane sugar.

I love yam paste And always looking forwards to it at dinner session. Esp wedding dinner but somehow it’s always too sweet for me.

My mum used to make yam paste during cny when am small..& mmm small as in younger age la..
But she will used alots of oil which freaked me off Where after cooking… you can still see oil floating up…

And we always have tat debates when she asked me to stir it…
U c… in a kitchen when 2 woman r inside… only one can give instructions… 
So I always ended up getting scolded… bcoz of my
Why so much oil…& Why so much sugar

So when I tried to make my own at home..
She cannot come n scold me
Why so less sugar
Why so less oil

Oh well….


No recipe for it as,  I didn’t do a measurements for the ingredients used… just agar agar did it.


Steam the yam till soft..
Have it mash while it’s hot.
You can chose to blend it smooth but I prefer to have it mashed up.


After smashing it, cook it with shallot oil.


Stir it till it’s all mixed up with the shallot oil.


I added brown sugar to taste.
You can always use cane sugar..


Once the sugar are all dissolved,  it’s done.



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