红烧排骨炒米粉/ Fried BeeHoon with Braised Pork Ribs

Just wanna to do simple dish
Fried BeeHoon with Braised Pork Ribs
With lotsa ingredients and every mouth will have bits of pork Ribs








pan seared Scallops with pasta…

Simple one dish meal for dinner. These fat juicy scallops , i am totally sold to it.Thanks to my gf for introducing me this brand of scallop.

Non spicy ones for like missy and me to share which I pan seared it seasoned with some salt using oil.


Spicy ones for the sir. The scallops pan seared with butter seasoned with salt n black pepper.


From cooking the pasta to searing the scallops
All done in one pan… hcp..
Save time save washing up.

Pan fried the bacon till crispy
Den use the oil to cook the noodle
For the spicy version.
The scallop pan sear with butter
Season with black pepper n salt
The non spicy one I pan sear with oil.

Blot scallops with paper towel to remove any water. Salt and pepper.

Heatfrying pan, add oil/butter.
Make sure frying pan is hot before adding scallops but not smoking.
Add scallops leaving plenty of space between. Overcrowding the pan will drop the pan temperature and cause scallops to steam rather than sear. (may have to do in batches)
Sear for about 2-4 minutes or when bottom is a nice golden brown. Don’t move them around in the pan or you will prevent them from forming that nice brown crust. After a couple of minutes have peek under to see if golden brown.
Turn to sear other side. (about 1-3 more minutes)


Am not advertising for them …
This is the place Where we get the product
It cost $22/500g

If you handle it well, it’s still q q in bites. Not those fen fen or rubbery texture. Worth the $$$ spend.


Turnip dumplings / mang guang kueh

Taking my first step to make traditional kueh…  I swear I Won’t complained it’s very ex next time when I buying it ESP those who handmade it …
Too much work!!!!
But very satisfy with it..
Thin skin with lots of liaos…  Tats how I love mine…


Some people called it ” soon kueh ” bcoz it’s supposed to be using bamboo shoot for it. But the ingredients kinda ex so policy changed it to turnips which is cheaper.
I prefer turnips den bamboo shoot which the taste was too overwhelming for me.

Searching online n bookmark the recipe for a long time.
I finally took my courage to challenge it.

Recipe from
Fong’s kitchen Journal

I did half the portion using her recipe. As am allergy to dry shrimps I omitted tat n I didn’t have banana leaves so I didn’t steam the Kueh on it. I didnt top it with sesame seeds too.

I have to admit…  I am the kuku la.. I did the skin reading it wrongly den realised it’s too wet to knead… wrong measurement so redo again… learn my mistakes
Never let ur kids be ard u when u r doing measurement… 

(makes about 18 turnips kueh depending on ur size )

Dough skin
100g wheat starch
50g tapioca flour
50g soon kueh flour (consists rice flour, tapioca flour, wheat starch, corn flour)*
300ml water
2 tsp oil (I used shallots oil)you can use up to 2 tablespoon like you like.
1/2 tsp salt
1/8 tsp sugar

* or replace with 60g rice flour, 20g tapioca flour, 20g wheat starch (rough estimate)

1) Mix the flours together in a mixing bowl.  Bring 300ml water to a boil.  Add in salt and sugar.  Pour the hot boiling water into the flour mixture and quickly stir with a pair of chopsticks or rice scoop.  Cover and let it rest for 10 minutes.(this Is a must to rest the dough first)

2) Knead in 2 teaspoon of shallot oil into the dough till smooth (kneading takes a few minutes only).  Divide the dough into two portions (cover with damp cloth when not working on the dough).  Roll each portion into a long tube and cut into small disc (each weighs about 30-32g).

3) Flatten each disc and roll out thinly.  Use a round cutter or a rice bowl (my bowl measures 8cm in diameter) to trim the dough skin into a round shape (note: combine the excess dough skin and roll it out again).  Dust a little tapioca flour on the dough for easy handling.

4) Place one heaped tablespoon of filling on the dough skin, fold it over to form a semi-circle and pinch the edges firmly to seal the filling.

5) Place the turnip kueh on well-greased steaming rack, brush the turnip kueh with a little shallot oil and steam on moderately-high heat for 10 to 12 minutes till dough skin turns translucent.

6) Brush another thin coat of shallot oil on the soon kueh after steaming.

7) Serve hot with a drizzle of sweet black sauce and chili sauce.

Turnips Kueh filling:
(makes about 18 soon kueh)

400g mang kwang (about one medium-sized turnip or 沙葛), thinly shredded
1 to 2 carrots, thinly shredded – about 90g
3 Chinese mushrooms, soaked & sliced, keep the liquid
To simmer the turnips.
Few cloves garlic, minced
Few slices ginger
5 to 6 shallots, sliced (deep fried and use the shallot oil for making and brushing the dough skin )
Seasoning: oyster sauce/soy sauce/salt & pepper to taste, a little sesame oil

1) Heat a few tablespoons of shallot oil and stir fry the ginger, garlic and mushrooms till fragrant.

2) Add in the shredded mang kwang and carrots. Stir briefly, add water and cover to simmer over medium-low heat for about 45 minutes to an hour till turnip becomes soft. Give a few quick stirs in-between simmering to ensure even cooking. In the last 15 minutes, add in the seasoning and half the fried shallots. (Note: Turnip will release water as it cooks, so do not add all the water at the beginning. Keep a little and pour in later if the mixture is too dry.)

3) Cool the filling before wrapping.


Chocolate cake for MR K.Y Lee

On Monday this news of our nation father MR lee k.y passed on, hit on most of us..
He can’t make it to see his baby turns 50 during our national day.
The thing I look forwards to on national day is not anything much but his appearance. Whenever he appear at the parade, you can hear how excited n looking forwards everyone’s are.
We will never get to see this scene again…

Read on the paper

Mr Lee fav cake is chocolate cake..he had a soft spot for chocolate cake and ice cream.. But for his health reason, Mrs Lee always tell him, she will have half of it.
He will never said CaNNOT bcoz he knew she care for him.
Mr &Mrs Lee
Hope you will enjoy this chocolate cake that I have baked specially for you.

Though you doesn’t know me at all. But am very Happy and glad to be a singaporean.

This is just a small thought from me to you.


Pls do not mistake, that am trying to gain anything by doing such an act.
It’s purely my thought for this Man who I respect him as who he is and what he had done for us.
Sorry I Won’t be sharing this recipe as the person I learn from is still teaching it for her class.

Steam nutella blossom cake

Bought the 1-1 nutella during the Last promotion period so must tink of ways to finish it…

Trying out the highly raved
Nutella blossom cake

Indeed worth the try..

There are many recipes on the net, I picked one and made some changes to suit the kids taste.
Even my 11mth old wanna to try it without the nutella… and of coz my lil chubby who took 2 for snack.


Nutella blossoms (steam cakes) recipe


3 Eggs
(65g including shells)

275g plain flour
( i used hongkong flour)

220g Castor Sugar
( I used 120g)

150ml Milk
( I used fresh milk)

3 teaspoons Baking Powder

1 teaspoon Ovalette/Sponge Cake Stabiliser or condensed milk as a substitute
(I used condensed milk)

Fillings – nutella/ blueberry/ strawberry (Nutella will be used here)

Food Colouring of your choice

1: Sift the flour & Baking powder into a large bowl. Set aside.

2: Beat the eggs and sugar till it turns pale.

3: Add the Condense milk/ovalett , flour+baking powder and milk. Mix well.

4: Divide the batter into portions depending on the number of colours you wish to have.

5: Add in the colour of your choice into each portion. Mix well.

6: Pour the batter into 5 separate piping bags.

7: Fill cupcake cases up till 1/3 full.

8: Add one teaspoon of Nutella into each case.
(I added 1/2 tsp nutella)

9: Fill the rest of the cup full with batter.

10: Let your creative juices run free. Design each cupcake as you wish with the various colours of batter.

11: Steam for 5 minutes.
( I steamed for 10min)

Recipe adapted from Apam Polkadot

In () ones amended by simmami.
I managed to make 50 pieces that are the mini tarts size.