Steam nutella blossom cake

Bought the 1-1 nutella during the Last promotion period so must tink of ways to finish it…

Trying out the highly raved
Nutella blossom cake

Indeed worth the try..

There are many recipes on the net, I picked one and made some changes to suit the kids taste.
Even my 11mth old wanna to try it without the nutella… and of coz my lil chubby who took 2 for snack.


Nutella blossoms (steam cakes) recipe


3 Eggs
(65g including shells)

275g plain flour
( i used hongkong flour)

220g Castor Sugar
( I used 120g)

150ml Milk
( I used fresh milk)

3 teaspoons Baking Powder

1 teaspoon Ovalette/Sponge Cake Stabiliser or condensed milk as a substitute
(I used condensed milk)

Fillings – nutella/ blueberry/ strawberry (Nutella will be used here)

Food Colouring of your choice

1: Sift the flour & Baking powder into a large bowl. Set aside.

2: Beat the eggs and sugar till it turns pale.

3: Add the Condense milk/ovalett , flour+baking powder and milk. Mix well.

4: Divide the batter into portions depending on the number of colours you wish to have.

5: Add in the colour of your choice into each portion. Mix well.

6: Pour the batter into 5 separate piping bags.

7: Fill cupcake cases up till 1/3 full.

8: Add one teaspoon of Nutella into each case.
(I added 1/2 tsp nutella)

9: Fill the rest of the cup full with batter.

10: Let your creative juices run free. Design each cupcake as you wish with the various colours of batter.

11: Steam for 5 minutes.
( I steamed for 10min)

Recipe adapted from Apam Polkadot

In () ones amended by simmami.
I managed to make 50 pieces that are the mini tarts size.



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