Pandan huat kueh

Pandan huat kueh using kenneth goh recipe, omitted the egg. No cutting on the top before steaming or added sugar for criss cross.


I reduced the sugar to 120g instead of 150g
I used oil instead of butter

Bcoz I used a transparent cover, I can see that it starts to blossom at 5min steaming time.
So heat is an important element here.. must use high flame n water must be boiling.

*** personally I feel the water can be replaced with no sugar soya milk if wanna give the kids.
Or replaced with coconut milk if you wanna it to be more fragrant.

You can check his link here for method and steps.
kenneth goh pandan huat kueh

250 grams of self raising flour (自发面粉)
150 grams of castor sugar (白砂糖)I used 120g
1 teaspoon of double acting baking powder or baking powder (双重发粉或发粉)
1 egg (鸡蛋)I omitted it
200 grams of plain water (白水)
50 grams of melted butter (牛油)I used corn oil
6 pieces of pandan leaves (香兰叶)

You can refer to Kenneth website for more details steps.


Though I omitted the egg, I didn’t increased the amount of water. It was still fluffy and soft.
The recipe is a keeper.




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