Highly recommended – Pandan coconut huat kueh

Huat kueh craze again..
This time I added coconut cream to it.. more water as well…
I highly recommended you to try out this recipe if you like steam cake.

Make 7standard muffin size.

250g self raising flour 自发面粉
1tsp baking powder
2 tablespoon virgin coconut oil (vco)/ corn oil
a pinch of salt
125g caster sugar 糖
250ml pandan coconut milk
( i blended 8 pandan leaves with water and sieve aways the fibre. Mix a pack of coconut cream powder with water to get 250ml pandan flavour coconut milk)

Mixed all together n steam for 20- 25min under High flame.

将材料搅拌均匀,倒入模型9分满,锅里的水一定要滚大火蒸20-25分钟 或至熟



The texture is softer with additional water.
This is the coconut cream I bought from supermarket.


Personally I understood how disappointing it is when it’s the same recipe but why others can do it but I can’t.

My experience is..

Make sure ur water is at a boiling point when u steaming it.
Steam it at high flame.

I didnt make any cutting on the top before steaming. It still blossom.


Done by v imellia h
From shc
Isn’t it a lovely huat
It’s a joy to see people trying out the recipe provided and works for them.

Early in the morning
I saw this
This is done by a very talented lady Ginny.

So happy to see another success huat Kueh done in BC.
By Irene T

Shared by Tina L from BC
Very happy that she love it too..

Done by Jane T from BC
Another wonderful result… huat ah!


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