Ramen & lava egg

My luan luan lai ramen.. The minster bought Ramen from isetan..
Tats my joy of not needed to TINk wat to cook but being told what he wanna to eat…  * less dead brain cells*
He buy ingredients so I tink of how to cook for them lo.

Having ramen at home is more saving ??? Mmm lets see
Ramen for 3 serving $18
3 homemade lava eggs $1.20
Pork loin For grilling $4
Veg & spring onion $1
Total:  $24.20
Got saving anot? 


Please Note There’s a typo
It’s soya sauce not soda sauce
This isn’t my first time doing lava eggs but am always eggcited about the result when cutting it out.. 
When I jumped in joy to show the minster…
He replied…  not ur first time making it what! 
Hmpfff…  MAN!
Last time I always have prob peeling the shell but today I decided to try the ice water method I kept ticking of and it works!!!!  Such a breeze to Peel it off.. 
Note: the water I bring it to a boiling pt den add in eggs from fridge and cook for 7min. Then faster transfer it into ice water to prevent it from getting cooked by the remaining heat.


Lol OK I know am lame la.
But no need so serious rite



Grilled pork loins using my hcp pan.
Pork marinated with oyster sauce, sesame oil, light soya sauce, pepper n corn flour.
Marinate at least 30min.
Then grilled it on the hcp or a non stick pan.


This is the ramen he bought from isetan

Presenting to you…





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