Nakhon kitchen @hougang

Nakhon kitchen
@ Blk 212 Hougang St 21, #01-341, 530212
#singapore #thaifood


Thai mango salad,  not too bad but it can be more sour and spicy.. 


Honey chicken rice,  nothing to rave about..  the chicken is rather dry and hard.


Tom yum clear chicken soup..  am expecting it to be very spicy according to reviews i had but no eh ..


Chicken with cashew nut – eat and forgotten  taste


Thai milk tea – not too bad
Thai lemongrass drink – got lemongrass taste but is SUPER sweet! Till I added water into it… 


Total cost $30 including a steam rice. No Gst or service charge.
The Q is crazily LONG..  but if take away is quite fast.  honestly I won’t go and specially Q again or go all the way there again… Luckily we are 5th in the q and foods came really fast…
Do take note,  they r closed on Wednesday. (We made a waste trip once)



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