Dinner – recipe provided

I just wanna a simple dinner..  too tired to think what to cook…
Steam toufoo with stir fry minced meat with preserved veg.



I used 1 box of toufoo that stated suitable for steaming.

50g minced pork/ chicken
Marinated with some pepper, salt, dark soya sauce, salt and sesame oil.
Leave aside for 20-30min.

Some preserved veg cut into small bites.
Some syrup from the preserved veg.

1 stalk of spring onion.
Use the white part to stir fry in the green parts to garnish.

Some corn starch for thickening.

Steam the toufoo for 5min. Leave it in the steamer while waiting for the meat gravy to be done.

Stir fry the minced meat with the white parts of spring onions. ADD in the preserved veg syrup. Add water to simmer 10min. Lastly add in the preserved veg and simmer another 5min. Add in corn starch for thickening.

Removed the excess water from the toufoo, pour the meat sauce onto the toufoo and granish with spring onion.

Serve while it’s hot.
This is the preserved veg I used.

Stir fry green.


Stir fry garlic till fragrant, add veg den some water to simmer till done. , salt to taste.
*optional you can add mushroom sauce/ oyster sauce/chicken stock



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