Low sugar coconut kaya


I remembered when I am young,  there is this kaya my parent will buy that is in orange colour. But as the years passes… the taste somehow became different or it’s too sweet to spread alots.
Since I had all the ingredients needed in the fridge, so I decided to make my own kaya today without any measurement..  all based on my feeling on the tip. Though the colour isn’t as vibrant as the stall bought ones due to I highly reduced the sugar… but I felt safer to let my kiddos eat it.
C even my Lil fellow is enjoying it.

When all ingredients are mixed together

after cooking it

Ingredients I used
4 chicken eggs – 60g each
250g fresh coconut milk
100g orange colour sugar
1/8 tsp salt
Pandan leaves

Mix egg, sugar, salt and coconut milk well. Put in pandan leaves.
Cook it using a double boil method.
Stir it once awhile.
Once all starts to curds up.. it’s done. It take about 30min.
To get a smooth texture,  use a electrical whisk to whisk it or use a blender to blend it.
Leave it to cool. Store in fridge.






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