Breaded shiitake mushrooms


I had this 12-13 over years ago in a famous steamboat restaurant in SG. I fall in love with it no you know what…. it’s so ex la . Making this at home is way cheaper… 

I bought the $2 pack shiitake mushrooms from Supermarket there was abt 20pcs of it.
I watched on cooking program that we shouldn’t wash fresh mushroom BUT first thought is so dirty!!!!  How to eat…
So I give it a quick wash and pat it dry.

Prepared corn flour, beaten egg, bread crumbs.

Coat it with corn flour like you are powdering it. All evenly.
Then bath it inside the beaten egg mixture.
Lastly, coat it with  bread crumbs.

When you are preparing to fry it.. you can deep fry if you like. For me I just shallow fry it till golden brown.

drain off the oil. Served hot with mayonnaise .




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