Soda biscuit pork chops


This isn’t a special dish
Very common I would say.. especially those hainanese cai Peng stall.

This is one of my MUST eat dish but u know..  they gave very small portion and not cheap to top up extra.

What you need..

Pork loins sliced abt 0.5cm thick and hammer it till flat. If you missed out this step, your loin will be tough and hard.

Chicken egg 1 large one

Soda biscuit crumbs – buy soda biscuit and crushed it.

I marinated the pork loins overnight.
Marination:  oyster sauce, light soya sauce, pepper, hua diao jiu, garlic.

Corn flour.

Coat it with corn flour like you are powdering it. All evenly.
Then bath it inside the beaten egg mixture.
Lastly, coat it with soda biscuit crumbs.

When you are preparing to fry it.. you can deep fry if you like. For me I just shallow fry it till golden brown.
Healthier version will be just Pan fried it.

drain off the oil. Served hot.




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