Lemon grass + green apple drink

This had been shared many times in the cooking groups. Finally get my hands to starts brewing. Made 2L for dad to try out.
I mean no harm trying though it might not work for everyone. But who knows it does work.
It said To help the soft bones at the knee to regrow. I must said this isn’t a drink once u see effect drink!! U have to drink for a period to see the effect.

Mmmm well Lets try..

Lemon grass + green apple drink.



Preparing to cook it


After 90min


I cooked 2l for 2 portion of the stated ingredients since there isn’t Any indicated amount in the recipe. So I agar agar la.

10 lemon grass – cut into 4 parts each
4 green apples – cuts into 8s each

2l water

Brew till apples soften. I brew for 90min. Low heat.

Can use slow cooker if u r cooking at night till next day.

Drink only once a day.

Do not add any sugar or others stuffs
Use green apples not red apples

I dunno how well this ting work or might not work at all… it’s individual Ya. So dun chase after Me n asked why it dun work for u.

I will check with my dad if it helps him a not.

Do note that lemon grass itself is rather cooling herb so if u are bfing or having menst, do not tempt To take it first. ( this is what I read on)



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