Bcoz I grinded silverfish into powder for the Lil ones and they like to munch on baked silverfish…  so buying this at wholesale ctr is much more affordable. 100g $3 for Japanese ones. Lower in sodium as I took it to munch on the spot as I wanna be sure it’s low sodium. Buying it outside is definitely way more expensive.
This is my 500g worth of silverfish waiting for me.



Today 27/9/15
Simply cannot stop munching at these nicely baked golden looking silverfish.. value for $$$ 250g worth of silverfish.

I washed it 3x to removed the sorts etc den pat it dry
Bake at 180 till golden brown
Every 10min, check on the fish and give it a toss till it’s golden n crisps.

Yes take note of ur own oven temp
Mine is according to the oven thermometer not the oven builtin temp.



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