Black sugar huat kueh – reduced sugar

i did black sugar huat kueh last year and decided to revisit it with sugar reduced and make some amendment in the recipe.

Who knows… it look like tulips??? Do u tink so??
I find it very amazing when making huat Kueh is when it’s same recipe same method.. most of the time… the result and look isn’t the same.
And the smell attract the lil one who kept loitering around..
Look whose hand does that belongs to ???
The texture…


Make 7 standard muffin size.

250g self raising flour
1tsp baking powder(*optional)
2 tsp corn oil
120g black sugar
250ml water

Mixed all together n steam for 20- 25min under High flame.


This is the black sugar I used.


Personally I understood how disappointing it is when it’s the same recipe but why others can do it but I can’t.

My experience is..

Make sure ur water is at a boiling point when u steaming it.
Steam it at high flame.

Have enough water level to steam through the process.. too little water will end up with a failure product.

Do not attempt to peep or open the cover at all. Making sure it’s fully covered tight.


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