Carrot cake

Carrot cakes are getting not cheap outside nowsaday. If nice one, can tell yourself nvm.. induce once awhile lo.. when it’s ex n not nice… it simply spoiled the eating mood.
Nowsday it’s easy to get ready made ones at supermarket or market. With a little frying..  you get the flavour you prefer at home…

Lai lai…  jiak…  you like it black or white…  Lol I like both…

For white one:
Garlic, cai por to fry till fragrant den add carrot cake n fish sauce as seasoning. Add in beaten egg.
Pan fry till its cook.
To get the crispy ones like those sold outside, you have to use more oil in order to achieve tat crispiness.

For black one,
Cai por n garlic fry till fragrant add carrot cake
Add in eggs stir fry it n add swt dark sauce.







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