Microwave shallots & shallot oil

When I first saw this shared by jonie Koh… I am very interested to try it out. Cripsy shallot using microwave oven…
Not because am interested in the shallot but am interested to get the oil. That why I seldom or hardly use shallot in my cooking. Unless for garnish which I always have second thought if I can void it.
Because am very scared of the oily shallot smell during and after the cooking esp the sticky floor.
With this method using the microwave…  it’s a breeze to make own cripsy shallot n it’s oil now.

I decided to try my luck to extract more oil since am sure the shallot might end up in the fridge waiting for it’s day to come to use.

Please take note,
– this is based on my experience while doing it. Please adjust it to your own timing.
I cooked on 3min cycle meaning when 3min is up, I check and press 3min again n so on…
My timing is based on the thickness and amount of oil I used
Is only a rough guide. You gotta make ur own adjustment according.
my microwave oven is 1000w







Do take note, the oil is hot.. means the shallot will continue to cook the shallot. So faster remove it from the oil if not you will not get crispy shallots you will likely ended up with burning shallots with bitter taste.
Do take note my total timing 10min is 3 cycles of 3min + 1min which made up 10min


Dang dang…  cheap and easy way of extracting shallot oil and cripsy shallot. Said byebye to store bought ones.

Instruction from jonie for crispy shallot.
Very simple .  Slice onion to small pieces as normal . Put enough oil over it . Direct put to microwave , no need to cover the bowl. Fried for about 3mins on high temperatures .



6 thoughts on “Microwave shallots & shallot oil

  1. Thanks for sharing the making of crispy shallots using microwave oven . I did the same as you and it was great but because the first batch was ok , I make more by putting more raw shallots re-using the same oil for first batch and realized it did not cook despite the same method used for the first batch . Any idea why? Could it be the reused oil ? In the end I fry at the gas stove :(.

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