Friday dinner

OH NO! TML is weekend… 
So tonight must have a good dinner. Sahm will know what I mean…

So here we goes…

Sambal sweet potatoes leave…  simply love this poor people vegetables…  which is so ex to eat out.


I used har bee – dry shrimp
Soaked and mince it.
Chopped garlic
Chilli paste of your choice
Abit of oil.
Stir fry the garlic, follow by har bee, the Stem of the swt potato leave, den the leaves and lastly the chilli paste.
For 2 share of sweet potato leave, I added half pack of the chilli paste.
Note that I didn’t add any seasoning as the chilli tasted quite good on it’s own.

NO NEED to add water… some water came off by itself after awhile while am doing my other dishes.


This is the chilli I used, you are free to use any others of your fav.  Brand. This isn’t sold in supermarkets. You gotta try your luck at those market groceries stalls.
If you are staying in Jurong west, the stall at St 52 market sell this. As well as jurong west St 91 dry market.


Chinese parsley soup with meatballs – amazingly my 18mth drank it… when my gal and hb not interested at all.


Pan fried meat patties for the small one.


Minced meat marinated with oyster sauce, pepper, sesame oil. Mix well. And pan fry with slightly greased pan.


Stew chicken with black fungus..  the gravy is so good to go with rice…


Marinate the chicken with dark soya sauce, sesame oil, oyster sauce, pepper.

Stir fry Ginger and add chicken and black fungus. Add hot water enough to cover the chicken.
Bring it to boil for 10min. Taste and adjust the taste you want and stew it for another 20min.




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