Today luan luan made some achar based on my own liking. I like achar that is sour, hint of spiciness and sweetness.
i believed, Tml will taste better.
No recipe will be provided as i didnt do any measurment.
I love this with chicken rice, it just made the chicken taste better..

What I used are mainly
Cucumber, carrot, pineapple, vinegar, sugar, chilli padi, peanut, sesame, chilli oil

Sliced the cucumber removing the seeds…
Shred the carrot
Marinate with some salt n leave it for 30min or so. Let the water comes put so that it be crunchier.
Slice n cut the pineapple n chilli padi.
After 30min, wash off the salt. Squeeze it dry.
Mix all together. including the sugar, vinegar, peanut, sesame.
And pineapple goes in last.

Leave it aside for a few hours. It be ready to be eaten. Next day will be even tastier.


and the achar on day2 is so so so crunchy… so flavourable… nom nom



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