Hokkien mee – the black kind

RRRrrreally very Orh lu lu De hokkien mee for my hokkien ang and kias…
I slightly stir fry the noodle before putting it to braise with the gravy so that it the balance  won’t turn soaky so fast while we fed the kids.



What I used
Flat yellow noodle.
Slightly stir fry with some oyster sauce and dark soya sauce so that it won’t turns soaky so fast.

The ingredients

I used xiao bai cai
Fish cake
Roasted pork
Chopped garlic

** you can add in seafoods like sotong and prawns if you like.

Stir fry garlic till fragrant, add roasted pork follow by fish cake.
Stir fry till fragrant. add oyster sauce and dark soya sauce(depends how dark you want it). Stir fry den Add hot water.
Add in noodle to simmer, add in veg
Simmer ard 10min. Add in corn starch to thicken it.



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