Doufu meat patties

Pan fry doufu patties served with spicy sweet Thai sauce that I enhanced. The adults self service as I didn’t pour over it as the kids like this dish too.
This isn’t the first time I do this dish, it been a frequent dish on our dinning table.


You can replace using minced chicken too.
I requested the minced pork to be minced twice. So that the texture will be finer.
Seasoning is light soya sauce, sesame oil, pepper

Someone asked me how I mashed the doufu
After doing it many times, I discovered this way is easier n less messy.
Less cleaning up… n the kid can help to squeeze it too..



combine all ingredients together. Mould to whatever size and shapes you want.
I had 20 Piecea using  a tablespoon to scope.


pan fry it on a slightly greased pan. Used medium flame Till both side are golden brown or slightly char.
For the dipping sauce, I chopped some corindor leaves, some chilli padi , mix in thai swt chilli sauce, squeeze some lemon juice into it.






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