Herbal black chicken soup

Today is 立冬 in some parts of the world.. .. SG where got winter..  we have the rain…  weather getting slightly cozy..  so
我们也来补一补。。。 小补就好了,不然会流鼻血。。
Herbal black chicken soup which had been brew under small flame for 6hrs. Used prepack herbs and added in extra red dates & dry longans.


I like to buy this prepack herb bcoz it doesn’t have dang gui inside…  I dun fancy tat taste of it.
I used 1 whole black chicken


And I often


I brew it under lowest flame for 6hrs…
Who said brewing under flame can’t get clear soup like double boiling???


6hrs later


before serving while heating up, I added in the wolfberries and bring it to a boil. I find this way, it tasted better.





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