Burger buns

Before this batch, i actually made one batch the day before but those Burger bun wasn’t fantastic so today made new batch, new recipe… Its actually a recipe for making loaf bread n i used it to make these burger buns….

and jialat bread flour not enough so I 假厉害咯。。 mix other flour in…  the dough was sticky till I feel like throwing away but later thunder stike for wasting ingredients so I continue lo…  became more manageable…  so put in to bake…
DANG!!!  Came out… like rocks sia… bo bian can only verdict it when it totally cool down.
Luckily is edible la… not the soft kind.. more like loaf bread texture…

I purposed leave one aside n on the next day, the texture is still soft.

Ingredients A

Bread flour 220g
Instants yeast 3g
Water 130g

Combine Ingredients A into a dough. Cover the dough with a layer of cling and allow proofing of 90 mins or double it’s size.
I hand knead it. Its slightly dry but with more kneading it will all combine into a smooth dough.

Ingredients B

Cake flour 60g
Sugar 15g
Milk powder 10g
Water 40g

Ingredients C

salted butter 15g

Mix ingredients B together – dun be shock that it’s like a paste…
Add Ingredients B into proofed dough(A) and combined into smooth dough. Add in the ingredient (c) salted butter and make sure it gets knead into the dough thoroughly. Try the stretching test. If the dough is “elastic” enough, allow to proof for another 60 mins, else continuing kneading till it passes the panel test.

Note: you will realised it’s very Very Very sticky before you add the butter… continue kneading..  it will form a soft sticky dough…  after tat add butter, it will combine into a smooth dough…

Cut the dough into 4 portion (mine 1 portion is ard 120-125g) and round it up like a bun. Allow the doughs to relax for 10 mins.

Slightly Flatten the doughs. Place the doughs on baking pan and allow another proofing of 60 mins or when dough double in bulk.

Bring to bake at 170 degree for 40 mins.

* pls take note of your own oven temp.

* if u r putting sesame seeds, do tap it down if not, it be like mine..
All dropped out after baking : p





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