Homemade salted egg

23 Oct



Made salted egg using Chicken egg. Trying to make salted egg at home using chicken egg since raw duck eggs isn’t available in SG. Did some read up from those who did their salted egg…
christine’s recipe
kenneth goh
Both recipe look equally good
so I agar agar on my own…
One of the egg had crack lines on the shell so it can’t go into the bottle.
Noticed my salt water look a bit pinky? Tat bcoz I used Himalayan salt as well.
I used ard 3 cups of water
1/4 cup + 3 heap tsp of Himalayan salt
1/2 cup of sea salt
Cook together n leave it to cool.totally cool den use it.
Add in 2 tablespoon hua diao jiu.
Pour into a glass container.
Keep in room temp for 21 day and test whether is salty enough anot… if not continue up to 30days

Add a saucer or small bowl in to prevent the eggs from floating upwards if your bottle is big.

Note: do not cook the eggs together… I repeat do not! Add in the eggs to cook!!!!!!


If you are wondering, chey $0.50 can get you one piece… why go through the troubles… well you won’t understand the satisfaction you get from your own made ones if you have that thinking….
16 Nov around 3 weeks later
I decided to try harvest 2 of my homemade salted eggs to see the result Instead of waiting to 30 days … tada… what do u think
I am very happy with the colouring. Will update the taste again…. ^_^

You can only chose to use sea salt… no need specially get the Himalayan salt if you dun have it.

Here’s how the salted egg look like after steaming it.
Verdict: tasted like salted egg in texture.
The white is still like hard boiled chicken egg white… not the rubber rubber texture of a salter duck egg.
Overall worth trying to do homemade.


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