Pandan chiffon cake

Pandan chiffon cake recipe from Esther tho.  Thanks for the recipe. I adapted the 17cm pan size recipe.

Soft and moist. The kids loves it. Jiejie was telling me, she wanna bring it to school tml….
Me : ” hello, school holiday now, which school or u going???”
She :  Oh nvm.. I eat at home den.
If kids wanna to eat it and asked for more, I don’t need to say much Ya.
Imo, it’s slightly sweet for me. SO next time I might reduced the sugar.

3 Egg Yolks
40g Coconut milk
20g Castor sugar
30g Pandan juice (I added some pandan paste)
35g Coconut oil
50g Cake flour + ½ tsp baking powder + ¼ salt
4 Egg white
½ tsp Cream of tar tar
35g Castor sugar


1. Preheat oven at 170 degrees.
2. Whisk egg yolks and sugar till pale yellow.
3. Mix in coconut milk, coconut oil pandan juice. Follow by adding in sifted flour and mix well, set aside.
4. Whisk egg whites till foamy, add in Cream of tar tar and whisk for a min. Follow by 2 part sugar whisk till stiff peak.
5. Add in 1/3 meringue into the yolk dough and fold well.
5. Pour this mixture by 2 part to the meringue and fold well till the mixture is totally well mix.
6. Pour into a 17cm chiffon mould, bake with fan-mode at 170 degrees for the 1st 15 mins, then switch to 150 degrees for 40 mins.
7. Invert the cake to cool while is hot, unmould it when completely cooled.

Baked for total time – 55min. Using 170degee  for 10min then reduced to 120-130degee for the 45min with fan mode.
Please note this is based on my oven setting. Pls adjust according to your own oven temp and setting.





Verdict: 2/12/15
Chiffon cake was still soft and moist…
Its taste better after keeping in the fridge.. can eat immediately after taking out. No need to wait for it to soften.
OK. U wanna ask why kept in fridge rite..
Bcoz it had coconut milk, I scared it will turn sour due to our weather.


Here’s what Esther shared on other pan sent size too..

For 21cm pan


5 Egg Yolks
65g Coconut milk
30g Castor sugar
45g Pandan juice (I added some pandan paste)
60g Coconut oil
90g Cake flour + ¼ salt
6 Egg whites
½ tsp Cream of tar tar
60g Castor Sugar

For 23cm pan

6 Egg Yolks
80g Coconut milk
35g Castor sugar
55g Pandan juice (I added some pandan paste)
70g Coconut oil
100g Cake flour + ½ tsp baking powder + ¼ salt
7 Egg white
½ tsp Cream of tar tar
70g Castor sugar


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