2 tone chocolate Oreo chiffon cake – a keeper

I am sold to this recipe too by domesticgoddesswannabe
But the sotong me read the wrong instructions and added wrong amount of chocolate powder result in a less chocolate taste chiffon cake. Maybe is a blessing in disguise bcoz the kids are not big fan of chocolate.
I must tell you… my kids or totally in love with it…  they finished 2 slices of it in 5min .. I just finished packing up the cake into my container…  they gave me empty bowl…  *好夸张咯!!!*
I am sold too by the texture. So cottony soft. This recipe will be the Keeper in my list to do again.

Adapted from domestic goddess wanna be blog..  for more instructions you can click into her blog for the details.

For 18cm tube pan

I used it in my 17cm pan and yield a taller cake.

    3 egg yolks
    25g caster sugar ( I used 10g)
    35g oil – I used canola oil
    50g cake flour
    1/4 teaspoon baking powder
    1/8 teaspoon salt ( I omitted)
    55ml chocolate milk
    2.5 Oreo cookies, discard filling and crush
    1 tablespoon cocoa powder – I used Valrhona ( I used 1 tsp)
    10g chocolate chips – I used dark chocolate chips ( I omitted )
    3 egg whites
    1/8 teaspoon cream of tartar
    35g caster sugar
    Baking Time: 30 minutes

(I baked for 40min – 140 degree)







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