Homemade tau suan – caramelize method

Homecooked tau suan using caramelise method.


My 20mth old amazingly took half portion of it…
I seldom buy tau suan outside because there’s more strach Den beans. I made mine more soft so that my kid can have it as well… of coz I reduced the sugar.

You tiao is a must have! I slightly toasted the you tiao to slightly crispy….

Recipe adapted from bakingtaitai
I made some changes… For a more detail pictorial guide.. you can click into baking taitai page for the details and explainations..

She made 4 pax share and I changed it to a 3pax recipe and reduced the sugar.

187 g mung bean
3 tablespoon brown sugar
37g chestnut powder
37g water
4 pandan leaves
1.2l water
Extra sugar if u wan it for sugar you tiao to serve

Note: don’t pour in all the water chestnut mixture all at a go… slowly add in to the consistency that you want.







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