Mushroom soup revisit

Part of the dinner… 
Creamy mushroom soup served with the crouton bread sticks that I made ytd.

Mrs Sim mushroom soup:
recipe can be found here



For the kiddos




Ytd I loaded a vid that I made in the facebook grp that I made some really crunchy croutons sticks
That can be served with salad or soup n even as snack..
I can’t load the vid here so I shall post my method…

Too much bread to finish?
Dun like breads that been leave for days?
Kids like to snack but no more snacks at home?

Why not toast some breads croutons…  you can make it into any shapes you like.
Seriously I prefer my kids to munch these Den those loaded with MSG or sugar  store bought snacks out  there .

I used these croutons as topping  for creamy soup and salad as well…

I am using wholegrain breads here.. you can use any other kind of breads available.

For varieties ..

you can try spreading with butter for a buttery taste
Butter +  sugar
Butter + sugar + cinnamon
Garlic spread
n etc…
with the plain ones…  when you need bread crumbs but can’t get hold of any…  just crush it into crumbs and use it.

What I did was… 
Preheat oven to 180degee
Bake the bread at 180 degree for 4min each side… 
Den leave it to cool…
After that bake the croutons at 140degee for 30min for it to get its crunch.

** pls adjust timing according to the thickness and size of your bread.

Store it in air tight container.



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