Mee hoon kueh

Mee hoon Kueh for dinner… adjusting my previous recipe and we are very satisfied with this round. Slightly q-q in texture and won’t goes nua nua after cooking yet.

The kids had beary shapes one.. really imprint it out till I sweat..  if my mum see this.. she will sure goes… *欠骨头痛*
Served with egg drop soup and fishballs.






To make egg drop
On high heat and make the stock boiling, add in beaten egg. Stir and off the flame.

While we had mee hoon kueh served with store brought meatballs. I love this meatballs and will sure get a pack of it 20pcs @ $6.50 when I visit the market. Outside layer is meatball with hidden Minced meat inside and it will 爆浆 if you are not careful when eating it. Sedaplicious!!!




I had 2 others recipe in my blog 

This one is good but lack of q q texture 
dough 1

This one is q q in texture 
dough 2

And this round…. it had the combination of both  ^_^

To serve 3 adults portion
240g plain flour
60g corn flour
30g tapioca starch
1 egg
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp cooking oil
Water to mix the flour into a dough.

Extra corn flour + plain flour for dusting.

picture to guide here -> CLICK ON IT

For the soup base, I cooked chicken bones with dry sole fish bones for 2hrs.

Ingredients added inside is up to ur liking.

For those interested in the meatball, try out those stall that sell raw yong tou foo.
I got mine at Jurong west st 92/91 dry market.

This is the tapioca starch am using..


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6 thoughts on “Mee hoon kueh

  1. Mummy, may i know where u brought the bear cookie cutter? Like the size hut dun seems to be able to find it.


  2. Mummy, may i know where u brought ur beary cookie cutter ? Cant seem to find this size cutter. Wanna try making mee hoon kueh for lo more interesting.

    Thanks in advance

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