Yukon method assorted breads


Update: day 2
The breads are still soft. I had it slight warm up for our breakfast to starts the day.

Wanna to try out new method of bread making so I went searching around… was thinking of tang zhong then came across this
Yukone Method Sweet Soft Buns from shirley@kokken which attracts me. Seeing the review was very positive so I decided to give it a try. Doubling the recipe so that my family ( dad, mum and siblings) can have it as their breakfast too. Lol I ended up overloaded with buns that we can take days to finish.
Am so impressed by the texture, it’s really pillow soft once it cool down.

So here we goes… simmami bakery serving breads with
Chicken floss
Chicken mushroom Ham
Chicken sausage



Make 32 mini buns. (Dough 30g each)

(You can check into Shirley page on the link above for a smaller portion.)

Water Roux
Bread Flour – 100g
Boiling water – 150g

Bread Dough
Active Dry yeast – 12g
Bread Flour – 320g
Plain Flour – 80g
Sugar – 100g
Salt – 4g
Water – 100g
Egg – 2
Butter – 80g

Method :

1. Mix water roux ingredients together in a bowl. Cover bowl with cling wrap and store in fridge for 12 hours.

2. Note : I hand knead it for 40min. You can use a mixer like Shirley if you want.

add flour, yeast, sugar, egg and water. Start mixing. Add salt and continue to knead until dough are well mixed. The dough will be slightly dry at this stage.

3. Add (1) and continue to knead till they are combined. WARNING, the dough will get very sticky ESP when you are kneading with hand.

4. Add butter and knead till butter is mixed into the dough.

5. Continue kneading until dough is no longer sticky and get elastic texture and does not break when pulled to perform window test.

6. Place dough in a slightly oiled bowl. Cover with cling wrap and leave to proof in a warm area for 45mins.

7. With lightly floured hands and table top, knead (6) to form a smooth round ball. Divide dough into 32 balls – about 30g each.

8. Roll each small ball into a round ball and leave to proof for 10mins.

9. Flatten each ball and roll out to a circle with a rolling pin. Put in fillings of your choice,
I had Chicken mushroom Ham, cheese, otah and sausage lastly chicken floss.

10. Leave to proof for 1 hour.

11. Brush with egg white.

12. Bake at 185C for 6-8mins until brown.

13. Leave to cool.
The before and after of assorted breads…




All packed to go…

Shirley mentioned in her reply to others… the water Roux is best to put in fridge no more den 12hrs.

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