Japanese ramen

TODAY Aunty goes atas supermarket walk see look see bcoz jiejie said she wanna ramen for dinner… 
Here comes our dinner
Adults ramen served with pan fried pork belly topped with garlic chips.
While the kiddos had theirs served with Pan fried meat patties.

Ramen prepacked for 2 = $12

Sir need 1.5 serving each and the kids sharing need 1.5 sharing too..  so I grabbed 3 packs(6 servings) lo..  free 2 serving..  so nice for another meal.
$36/8 = $4.5/ serving

3 lava eggs cost $4!!!!! 有没有搞错啊!我真的买不下手。
Go home made my own lo
Cost $1.20 only… 

My eggs weighs 65g including shells directly out from the fridge I cooked it for 7min, let the water boil then lower so tat the egg shells won’t cracked off..  after tat off heat n let it sit for 1.5min. Faster transfer to a bowl of icy water for 15-20min.
After,tat deshell and put into the sauce,tat is being prepared
I used dark soya sauce, Mirin, light sofa sauce and water.

A pack of sukiyaki pork belly $7 , I used half pack of it. So $3.50

The pork belly I marinated with Ginger juice, oyster sauce, pepper, corn flour, sesame oil.

Minced pork $1.50
(Same as the marination for pork belly) before Pan frying, I added in one piece of crushed soda biscuit.

Fresh mushroom + carrot $1

Greens $0.80

So total for our dinner $26







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