Lotus black eye bean soup + pumpkin rice

The soup is cooked since 4am in the morning don’t asked me why at this hr..  or why am I not slping.
Lotus with black eye beans and carrots, dry scallops, pork ribs.



I brought the kiddos out so I haven’t plan what else to cook ..
Hubby said cook simple lah.. no need so many dish…

So OK lo.. one pot meal

Pumpkim rice cooked in rice cooker.

This combination is always sold at those store that sells 老火汤 but their rice is so miserable in portion, don’t even see any liaos in it. And it’s not cheap.
So I Cooked my own deluxe version.

I used aust Japan pumpkin , lup cheong, fresh mushrooms and japan seasoned scallops.

Last time my pumpkin always ends up melted into the rice so I decided to keep half portion and put in once the rice is done since the pumpkins are already cooked.


For 2 adults 2 kids

I used 2.5 cups jasmine rice
3 cups water – the cup tat I measure the rice with.

1/4 size pumpkins cut into small cubes – stir fry with onion till fragrant.
3 lup cheong – pan fried till fragant.

Fresh mushrooms – stir fry
Japan seasoned scallops – cut into small bits

Seasoning –
dark soya sauce 1 tsp
Oyster sauce 1 tbslp
Some pepper

Cooked rice adding in all the seasoning for 10min, add in fresh mushroom,  japan seasoned scallops, 1/2 portion of the pumpkins. Let it cook till it’s done.
Once it’s done, add in the balanced pumpkin and all lup cheong. Press 1 more time cook.
Stir well and serve.



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