Vegetarian meal: fry mee sua with gravy

For hubby to bring to work for dinner. Stir fry mee sua with xiao bai cai, carrot, fresh mushroom. I tot it be too dry to just eat like dat as I didn’t add a lot of water to prevent it from getting all lumped up.

What I did was use hot boiling water to blanch the mee sua for 1min. Stir fry with whatever ingredients you are using, season with some mushroom sauce and add few tblsp of water. Do a quick stir fry.



I prepare gravy with Ginger and mushroom sauce thicken with corn starch.


All he had to do is pour it into the mee sua to heat up later.

For the sauce, I used some Ginger to stir fry till fragrant, add in some mushroom sauce, pepper add water to simmer for 10min then add in corn starch to thicken it.


This is the mee sua I used which is prefried
You can get it from those stall in market selling noodles, bean sprouts or groceries stall.




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