Krat krat brinjals + dinner

I usually don’t take brinjals because of it’s texture. Don’t ask me why I just don’t fancy it BUT I tried the Taiwanese food chain served with pork floss and I am sold to it. And there’s a krat krat trend in 1 of the food group… made me feel like giving it a try. Really krat! If you had seen the vid I posted.
I served some with floss.. Lol too little floss? No after pic taking… the floss are more Den the brinjals.
It must be good because the kiddos are munching it like chips.

Fry egg and stir fry cabbage for dinner… err we are done with our dinner.. so use Ur eye power to “enjoy” it…

Thinnly slice brinjal, coat with some plain flour den coat with batter made of plain Flour, pepper, chicken powder, oil,pepper n water
No exact portion was given so I oso agak agak..  the batter isnt the thick or too runny kind where you shallow fry and the skin separated. You gotta try a few pieces to adjust the consistency.

30min after fry, it’s still crunchy. But not as crunchy as when it’s just done.

*** the chicken powder, I used my fry chicken powder.


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