Chocolate Oreo cupcakes

Today got extra time allowance in the morning so hop into the kitchen to bake some snack for the kiddos and sent some to jiejie”s classmates after school.
LOOK WHOSE HAND IS THAT TRYING TO take The cupcake away…


Chocolate Oreo cupcakes all done with a mixing bowl and a balloon whisk and a spoon to scope.




Make 25 small muffins cups.

Preheat oven to 180degee.

270g self raising flour
30g chocolate powder ( am using hershery special dark coco powder, you can use whatever available at home)
180g brown sugar
(Mix together)

9 pieces of crushed oreo
3 pieces of oero for topping usage
120ml milk
180ml corn oil
3 large eggs ( weighing 65g including shells)
(all prepare into a mixing bowl.)

Mix (A) into (C) stir well and add in (B) mix well. DO NOT OVER STIR

Divide into baking cups and top up the topping. Bake in oven for 12- 15min or till bake.








Please let me make myself clear, pls do not ask me if you can substitute this flour with that flour a not, I seriously dunno. If you think, you wanna try to do so, pls do it at Ur own risk. Don’t come chasing Me with why urs turn out Like this or like that.

Oven temperature is based on my own temperature so pls take note of how your oven works.

Thank u for your understanding.



2 thoughts on “Chocolate Oreo cupcakes

  1. The Oreo cupcake looks so yummy n I feel like reaching into my phone to take 1 too.
    Thank u for sharing. I finally get to your recipe. I hv come to this site many times for other dishes but somehow, couldn’t find a place to get the recipes that I want. Glad I finally get 1.

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